What Do Estate Agents Do?

When trying to sell or rent a property, everyone will have their own list of priorities and requirements from an estate agent. But what does that agent actually do, and how can it work for you?

Before We Step Foot In Your Home

As soon as you make the valuation request with us, our research begins into what we believe your property could be worth. We will look at trends within your area, checking schools, transport links and if there is anything nearby (the beach, parks etc) which really sets your property apart. We have the tools to search sold and rental prices over any given period of time, and will be able to inform you if there is a best time to sell your home, or if the property market in your area is strong all year around. This research will set the foundation for us to value your home when we step inside.

Through The Front Door

At your initial home meeting with your estate agent, the agent will have a good look around your property, noticing any quirks, benefits and selling points. This is a vital stage in further discovering your property’s value, and will also help us to start formulating the online presentation of your property.

Whilst many agents will offer online valuations, you will see that the values given are sometimes massively different, leaving you none the wiser as to what your home could really fetch on the open market. A personal tour of your home means you can point out things such as the new boiler, recently installed double glazing, new carpets etc, all of which will enable us to pinpoint further the property’s value.

Getting you Home on the Market

The estate agent you instruct will take photos, create floorplans and write descriptions of your property ready for advertising online. Do be aware that some estate agents copy and paste descriptions from similar properties and so miss out vital information in relation to your home, and not all agents will complete a floorplan for advertising online. This is a key question to ask and clarify, as it gives potential viewers a great insight in to how the space is laid out and how they will live within it.

Your property will then be listed through online portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, with the high street agents usually displaying your property in their window. Again, the window display is not always a given and you may have your property tucked away at the back of the office out of sight of people walking by.

It is important to remember that 98% of potential buyers will start their journey online, and so these are vital portals to be advertising on.



All online estate agents and high street agents will deal with enquires and arrange viewings for you. Most online estate agents will charge an additional fee for accompanying viewings, but at Spearhead our price includes unlimited viewings within office house, giving potential buyers more availability to fall in love with your home.

Potential buyers love to ask you (the seller) questions about the property, such as what the neighbours are like, the best local shops and parks, and why are you selling. Being open and approachable will help everyone feel at ease, and if they feel at home in the space then they are more likely to make you an offer.

Sealing the Deal

A good agent will contact any viewings for feedback following their visit. This gives you a great insight into what they loved, and also potential areas to address.

We also keep you posted on any and all offers which are made on the property. Finding out the position of the buyer (first time buyer, in a chain etc) is extremely useful for sellers to make an informed decision on whether to accept an offer, and so we will  give you as much detail as possible.

Estate agents are able to negotiate on your behalf and good ones will stick around right the way to completion to be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

It is worth bearing in mind that estate agents who offer a No Sale No Fee service are more likely to help progress the sale as swiftly as possible. At the end of the day, they don’t get paid until you do, and so it is worth their time and effort to stay with you all the way to completion.

Referencing For Your Rental Property

This is an absolutely vital stage to complete before your new tenant moves in, as it gives you an insight into what kind of tenant they have been in the past. We do a thorough check on employment to ensure they can afford the property; their rental history and any feedback from their previous landlords; and a reference from their current employer. When all of this is put together, we can present to you a solid background of the person, enabling you to make an informed choice on if you would like the person to move in. If you are lucky enough to have more than 1 person interested in the property, your agent will be more than happy to give their personal view on each potential tenant, and which one they believe will be the best fit for you.


5 More Reasons To Use An Estate Agent


  • Viewing the property from the buyer’s perspective

Our wealth of experience in dealing with buying, selling and renting properties has enabled our agents to understand just what sells a property, and what might put a potential buyer off. It may be something very simple like changing the colour of the walls in one of the rooms or altering the layout of the sitting room to open the space up. These minor tweaks can sometimes make the difference between people simply liking your home and those who will then go ahead an make an offer.

  • Finding your next dream home

If you are marketing your home for sale with us, it is highly likely that you will be looking for a new home yourself. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a new property, your agent is there for you. Here at Spearhead, we cover the entire UK and so regardless if you are moving a few streets away or 300 miles up North, we can help you! We will also be able to advise on which areas may be up and coming, where may be good for investment or where you will find an idyllic country lifestyle…all you have to do is ask.

  • We Have Hundreds of Local Trades at Our Finger Tips

Whether you are looking to have a new bathroom fitted, or complete renovation of a rental property, we will be able to help you find the right tradesman for the job. Managing rental properties means we need trustworthy, efficient, and caring trades who we know we can call on and rest assured the job will get done to the best standard. We can always recommend the best people, and so feel free to ask us!

  • We are here for you

There is no doubt that moving home can be stressful. There are countless things to keep track of, from mortgages to surveys to removal companies, so why not ask for a little help from us. All of our team have been dealing with solicitors, banks and tradesmen for many years, and so for us it is second nature. Sometimes it is nice to have that extra layer of protection from another professional who understands just how long things should take, and the possible reasons why it may be getting delayed…as well as how to move things along swiftly. As our client, you are welcome to call us any time, as many times as you like to help move things along (or just for a catch up on how things are going), because at the end of the day Spearhead doesn’t get paid until you do.

  • Choosing the best offer

The highest offer isn’t always the best one, and it is important to look at the entire picture before any decisions are made. This is where Spearhead can help you make informed decisions which work for you. When a client makes an offer on your property we will ask them about their current situation, for example do they need to sell a property before they can move; are they buying with cash or mortgage; are they in a chain? All of these answers will then be given to you, to help you make an informed choice on which offer you accept and get you moving quicker.





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