How letting Your Home Online Works

Our criteria

99% of estate agent will accept every single rental property that is offered to them, regardless of condition. We are proud to be the 1%. 

When your dedicated agent first comes to visit you and your property they will ensure that it meets the criteria that we believe every tenant deserves: 

  • No damp, mould or ventilation issues 
  • Safesecure and well-lit entrance hallway 
  • No rotten or cracked windows 
  • Carpets and floor coverings are in an excellent condition and free from smells/damage. 

As you can see, these are very basic (but essential) qualities in a property and will protect the value of your home as well as ensure the tenants renew their tenancy when the time comes.  

If your property does not quite meet the criteria, we will advise on the next steps to take and can help you arrange for contractors to fix any issues before we begin marketing your property. 

Our promise

Due to the high quality properties we accept, we are not constantly bogged down with little issues which ultimately take our resources away from your property. This gives us a lot more time to dedicate to an issue which has arisen in your property, and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

The agent you meet to join Spearhead will know your property inside and out and will have completed a fact-finding document with yourself during this first meeting. This means that if your property is slightly older, quirky or just takes time to understand, your office agent can (most of the time) get it resolved over the phone… saving you money on sending contractors out. 

Our packages

We have 3 different packages for you to choose from, depending on how involved you would like us to be.

Tenant Find Only

£499 incl Vat

Let and Rent Collect

£499 one off fee, then 8% per month of the monthly rental

Fully Managed

£499 one off fee, then 10% per month of the monthly rental


Want to know exactly what we include in our letting packages?

Can I manage my property myself?

Absolutely. We offer 3 packages to suit everyone's budget and time. Check out our fees page to see the different options available to you.

What if a tenant doesn't pay their rent on time?

We always recommend taking out landlords insurance for the rare cases where tenants are not able to pay their rent. Spearhead will continue to be on hand to assist where we can and issue the relevant notices etc. We can also advise on what the best causes of action to take will be.

What checks are completed on the tenant before they move in?

Spearhead uses a 3rd party referencing company which will check identity, employment, affordability and past landlord references to create an entire picture for you to decide whether this is the right tenant for you.

Can you help with getting my property ready for rental?

Yes we can. Spearhead has a range of trades on hand to help get a property ready for the rental market. We are always more than happy to put you in touch with our trusted team who we use to manage and look after our other rental properties.

How long will it take to find a tenant?

This varies greatly from property to property, and has many factors affecting it. Spearhead will ensure we find you the right tenant as quickly as possible, using all our skills and knowledge to get you earning money in no time.