Once known as the Gay Street in Brighton, Kemptown has undergone massive changes and facelifts over the past few years. Bars have either been replaced with delicious eateries or cafes, or they have really upped their game to create brilliantly lively places for people of all walks of life to enjoy.

This area is extremely popular with couples or young professionals who want to live in the heart of the city and enjoy everything it has to offer, including almost instant access to the beach, countless transport links in and out of the city, along with an unrivalled social scene.

Most of the properties available here are apartments, ranging massively in quality, and so if you are considering a move here, it is worth booking in a good few booking so you can compare properties on their qualities.

This area has almost no on street parking, which is another reason it is so popular with people who live in the city or just rely on public transport. Everything you could possibly need to enjoy a full and active life in the city is on your doorstep…so why have the added expense of a car?!

Kemptown has 2 areas…the ‘new town’ which is closest to the city centre, and the ‘old town’ which is along towards the hospital. The old town is a lot quieter in terms of people and traffic, but is still extremely popular with renters who are here to study or work at the hospital. The properties in the old town are also a lot bigger, more spacious and brighter, and on a whole better looked after than those in the new town, and so if you are considering moving to Brighton (possibly in to a shared accommodation) then why not check out the old town?!