Hanover/Queens Park

Hanover is an exciting and varied place to live, with the typically colourful terraced houses, numerous pubs which have been situated there for many years and a real sense of community.

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with this area, and it is obvious why it is so poplar with families and young professions. Being close enough to the city centre and Queens Park, but quiet enough to feel you can close the world out when you need a bit of down time, this is a great place to consider living.

Take a look at this site, written by a resident in Hanover, which tells you all the inside tips for taking full advantage of everything this area has to offer.

Not only do you have the social side of the area, but properties here tend to be hotly sought after due to their spacious interiors and oasis-like gardens. Any outside space is hotly appreciated here in Brighton, so if you find yourself in possession of a lovely terrace or back yard…make the most of it!

Hanover is extremely popular with young professionals who work in Brighton or up in London. Being so close to the trains station (15 minutes downhill walk) makes it an idea spot to have your outer-city bolt hole to retreat to after a busy day, and still getting more square meterage per £ than living in the capital…and of course the added benefit of the daily exercise to and from the station!


Another side to Hanover is up towards Queens Park. This is where I (creator of Spearhead) first moved to when I arrived in Brighton, and can safely say what a brilliant little area this is. I moved in to a tiny newly-refurbished apartment which was lucky enough to have massive windows overlooking the lush greenery outside, and a view of the sea! This area is also less than 15 minutes walk downhill to the beach and city centre, whilst still benefitting from wide street, ample parking and lovely parks.

Whilst the range in homes within these areas isn’t too big, what IS on offer is quality, homely and affordable properties which are a brilliant place for a first time buyer like myself, young professionals or anyone looking to start a family in a secure and enjoyable part of town.