Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina feels like a totally different world! It is positioned at the far eastern end of the beach and has everything you could possibly need, without having to venture all that far.

This area is a brilliant spot to buy or rent if you enjoy the quieter and slower pace of life, and offers a massive range of properties from 1 bedroom seafront apartments, so 5 bed town houses in their own gated community, so there really is something for every budget.

The residential properties are accessed through a gated entrance, and so offers no thoroughfare for traffic, meaning no matter what time of day or night…it is peaceful. There is also 24 hours onsite security, dedicated social space cleaners and residential support staff on hand for every situation which may occur, an so it has found itself very popular with the older buyers/renters.

Prices here are not noticeably higher or lower than those in Brighton, however what you do ned to bare in mind is the service charges on these properties can be rather expensive due to all the services available on site. However, it is none the less a lovely place to live!

As part of the development, there is an Asda Supermarket, petrol garage, bars, restaurants, cafes, cinema and children’s arcade with bowling alley…so you really won’t ever be stuck for something to keep you occupied!

Take a look at this link, which tells you what to expect from the Marina, and also what is happening throughout the year.

Transport to and from the marina is extremely regular, and you can hop on a bus to be in Brighton City Centre within 17 minutes. Or why not enjoy a walk along the seafront all the way in to town, which will take around 30 minutes at a leisurely pace as is well worth it on a crisp dry day!

There are also plans to further develop the marina and create hundreds more properties overlooking the seafront, so it could be a very exciting time to join the community and watch it grow over the coming years.